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Best Cuba Car Rentals with Premium Hosting Service

Best Cuba Car Rentals with Premium Hosting Service


Secure & comfortable to book on Cuba


When you book a tailor made Cuba program with Latinamerica Journeys Guru, we can offer you as part of our service prices for rental cars that are very competitive. You can’t find better prices then as the ones mentioned here together with a hosting service as long as you book with us on time!

We make for you the car reservation. The car rental is included when you have a selfdrive program. On the day of the delivery of the car, you are picked up at your homestay or hotel in Havana and accompanied by your host to the car rental agency for all paperwork and a secure delivery of the car.

When we can start booking 6 – 8 months prior to arrival it is almost certain that we can book the REX car via the Cuban Ministry of Tourism. In case we are closer to your date and for extreme high season, we will request a REX car via the official channels and we will wait 7 – 9 days and when the Ministry can’t confirm your rental car within this term after confirmation of your booking we will come forward with a car rental proposal via one of our colleges and associated teams on Cuba via our Cuba Travel networks. In that case we will come forward with an alternative offer.

When interested in a Cuba selfdrive holiday we really recommend to start booking asap and see if we can book a REX rental car via the Cuban Ministry of Tourism. For this we need full name of the main driver, passport number, birthdate / age of the driver.

> Further note that the pick up at your homestay / hotel at day of car pick up is always included, you will go together with a team member of our Cuban staff to the car rental pick up point. They will take care of you as long as is needed to have your rental car.  

> We are one of the very few operators in Havana that pick you up, bring you to the car agency and in case there is a delay in the delivery of the car that keeps on calling and contacting networks until the rental car appears. Most Cuban operators do not give this extra service. Experience shows however that it is necessary on Cuba to have this extra assistance with a car pick up.  We give you the best service possible!

More secure & comfortable you can’t find it in Havana. When the car pick up is outside Havana it runs via our associated teams and partners.


Important notes, secure car hire

  1. There is a great shortage in rental cars for both the low and high season on Cuba. It may happen that rental cars booked online at rental car agencies at high season are not available on the day of pick up due to overbookings and/or lack of repair parts. It is estimated that at the peak of high season around 30% of the Cuban car fleet is either double booked or out of service. Online you will be able to find many reports of failing online bookings of travelers who had no alternative than waiting more days for their rental car or travel by bus / taxi to their holiday destination. They had their car booked online, with a confirmation & booking contract send by mail, their credit card payment fulfilled and in the end with no show due to a failing services of online booking companies.

This can only be avoided by booking your rental car with a reliable operator working together with a Cuban agency and staff with boots on the ground in Havana, that offers the extra service to look after all details of your rental car and tailor made program !

Our Cuban staff will take care of your car rental reservation, will claim the reservation and will check if the car comes available on the right time and on which place. So far we have been able to deliver all the rental cars to our customers up to today according to the itinery & contract without any failure (with the exception of President Obama’s visit at Cuba during which most cars were claimed by security). In some cases there is some delay with the car delivery, it is then up to our clients to have some patience until the car appears as planned. So far all our customers in normal high season and low season have been able to depart with their rental car on the day they were planned to and arrived safely on time at their holiday destination (performance since 2005). Given the logistic circumstances on Cuba this is an excellent performance of our Cuban team!

We can guarantee an excellent service & booking security ! Contact us

  1. What if when a rental car is officially confirmed by the car agency and there is a delay of 5 - 7 hrs of the car delivery at the pick up location?  We hope of course that this will not happen and will not be necessary. Our staff in Havana will do all what is possible to claim the rental car which is officially confirmed by the car rental agency, they pick you up at the hotel / homestay and go with you to the pick up location of the car. In case a reserved & confirmed rental car does not appear at the time indicated or in a reasonable waiting time indicated by the car agency and you prefer not to wait a few hrs more and wish to have all transfers to be replaced by private taxi transfers then: 1) all transfers are being re-booked as such, 2) the extra costs between the car rental and private taxi transfers are for the client and have to be paid in Havana before you depart.

Note that for car rentals in extreme high season (pick up car from 16 Dec till 3 Jan) we have seen that confirmed rental cars by the Cuban car agencies may have a delay from several hrs to several days in car delivery. When the car is delayed for one of more days this is always solved with private taxi transfers and a later pick up in case people return from Vinales to Havana in their itinery going further into Central Cuba. The client pays then the difference in costs between car rental and taxi transfers on location. This should be a point of consideration for the client of renting a car in extreme high season (pick up car from 16 Dec till 3 Jan), the trip planning and risk analysis.

Further we offer: 1) possibility of collecting and returning your car in rental offices throughout Cuba. Check one way car rental “drop-off” charges with us during quoting, 2) a wide variety of car models and categories. 3) destination assistance in Havana, Varadero, Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Coco, Camaguey, Holguin, Santiago de Cuba, Baracoa, 4) use of a Child Safety seat for a small daily rent.

We also supply digitalized road maps of Cuba and can suggest you the best free navigation apps for Cuba with free maps to download (Android via Google Play & Store Apple).


Best prices in CUC with Premium service

We can guarantee an excellent service & booking security ! Contact us

  • Allowance for an extra driver depends of the  ar agency and contract. It can be 3 CUC extra insurance per day with CubaCar / With REX insurance extra driver is 10 CUC extra in total / Free mileage usually for 3 days rent or more /

  • For drop off fees contact us directly, prices are calculated by km and depends on car rental agency, a few examples for pick up of your rental car in Havana center and drop off at Trinidad, the drop off fee is at Trinidad 45 CUC, drop off fee at Holguin 80 CUC, Playa Guardalavaca 90 CUC, Santiago (city or airport) 120 CUC, Baracoa 120 CUC, Cayo Coco y Cayo Guillermo 55 CUC, Varadero 25 CUC, and drop off fee at international airport Havana 10 CUC /

  • For the peak / top of of high season (16 Dec - 3 Jan / 13 April - 20 April / 16 July - 15 August) the rental companies may calculate a little higher dayprice than their official top high season rates; therefore ask directly for a quote together with a tailor made day program if you are ready to book /

  • On Cuba you can make only a car reservation for a car class not for a specific type of car.

High Season rental cars: ****1 Dec - 15 Dec / 4 Jan - 30 April / 1 - 15 July / 16 - 31 August

Low Season rental cars: 1 May - 30 June / 1 Sep - 30 November

TOP High Season rental cars: 16 Dec - 3 Jan / 13 April - 20 April / 16 July - 15 August

High Season most hotels:
Jan - 31 March / 1 - 14 April / 15 July - 31 August / 1 - 20 Nov
Top High Season: 22 Dec - 3 Jan

Low Season hotels: ****the rest of the year

When you have a preference to drive in a car with manual transmission (MT) or automatic transmission (AUT) __you need to inform us before we start searching for your car. The newest cars on Cuba of REX have all automatic transmission (AUT).

Below you will find some notes on private transfers, private driver-guides for small travel parties and guided group travels in case you prefer private transfers above selfdrive, and/or are planning to travel with a group of friends or family. Note that we can also offer a 10 day group program on Harley Davidsons through West-Central Cuba with open inscriptions, see more details below.


Notes on private transfers with taxis, a private driver-guide, Cuban adventure with Vintage car, all formats of travel on Cuba:

  1. Private transfers are taxi transfers from one location to another, these can be for 1-2 persons in normal taxis or for families / travelparties in minivan taxis. If you prefer not to travel on Cuba by selfdrive - car hire: 1) you can travel by regular bus, or 2) by several private taxi transfers. Traveling with private taxi transfers is quite common within a tailor made program of 3 days up to 4 weeks and can be very well combined with long distance regular bus transfers from one city to another as well. Private taxi transfers or excursions can be in standard modern taxis with breakdown insurance of the Cuban Government or in classical American cars with no breakdown insurance and at Cuban adventure.

  2. For travel parties of 4 - 22 pax or more it is interesting to consider:
    a) to travel by private taxi transfers and tourguide over Cuba (from 4 - 14 pax), this last option offers the possibility to stay at homestays / casas particulares at all places, besides boutique hotels and tropical beach resorts, all as you wish, and is the best way to experience the authentic Cuba with nature and culture excursions, salsa evenings, meeting locals and dinner at the best places at homestays and paladares / Note that we can also arrange formats in which you travel over Cuba in classical American cars (American oldtimers) from West to East Cuba with a tourguide of Latinamerica Journeys, for the whole itinery or some traject ! b) to contract a minivan with driver and a national Cuban guide, c) to contract a tourbus with driver and tourguide specialized in Cuba of  Latinamerica Journeys (recommended for 14 - 22 pax for tailor made programs with daywalks and excursions, note that only hotel accommodations are allowed by the Ministry of Tourism in this tourbus format and no homestays with the exception of one location!)

Cuba Grouptrip 23 days evt. with Vintage American cars:

Cuba tailormade travel from West To East Cuba on Responsible Travel:

We design the tailor made program together with you. Especially in case of 15 - 28 days programs in which you wish to experience the authentic Cuba off the beaten paths, it is recommended to contract Latinamerica Journeys for the travel design, coordination & guiding services. We have escorted more than 40 Grouptravels on Cuba.

  1. A private driver-guide can be contracted for 3 days or more taking into account the extra costs for the guide’s fee, accommodation and meals besides a tip at the end. A professional guide drives your rental car and gives you assistance and explanations when you want in the language you prefer. Traveling over Cuba with a driver-guide and staying at homestays / casas particulares mixed with hotels and beach resorts, or only at casas particulares is possible in several contract formats. To travel with a specialized bird- or botanical guide is an option for short programs. This premium service of a private driver-guide with car hiring can only be provided when you book enough time ahead as there are only few driver-guides available on Cuba. Please contact us for further details when you are interested** Contact us.**

  2. Extra notes on taxi transfers with classical American cars with no breakdown insurance and at Cuban Adventure Tour. They are private owned taxi drivers with a taxi license, these transfers can be more economic at long distances than official taxis of the Cuban government which have breakdown insurance and are always with modern taxis. It is a beautiful and comfortable way of traveling over Cuba with having a taxidriver available from 9am till 9pm according to the itinery defined and agreed on with the driver and a central taxi coordinator. The modern taxis of the Cuban government are only bringing you from door to door and then depart. Traveling with classical cars is Cuba at adventure as they call it on Cuba. They have a backup system on Cuba in case something happens to the taxi but it is not a guarantee that there is a direct replacement nor is there a full guarantee that they appear on the day of the start of your itinery. However on Cuba they resolve everything as they say themselves, it may only take more time especially in high season or in extreme high season. You have so called “almendron” taxis of 5 places or so called “pisicorre” taxis of 8 places where the luggage goes on the roof. The classical American cars have no seatbelts as this is allowed for classical cars as such on Cuba by law. With both car types you have taxis with and without airco. Prices for taxis with build in airco are more expensive. Payment is on Cuba directly to the drivers in cash and you will be having the contract / agreement with the driver and a central taxi coordinator. For changes in prices before arriving on Cuba or during your trip due to changing fuel prices we are not responsible. Latin America Journeys and our agent in Havana are not involved contractwise or not responsible in any case of no show up or technical car issues or whatever situation that may occur, and you will have to sign a letter that liberates us and our partner in Havana from any responsability / liability.

  3. You can travel by bike over Cuba. You will have to bring your own bike into Cuba when it is an individual trip. We design the day to day itinery together with our clients. To cover whole West, Central and East Cuba and only ride the most interesting stretches on Cuba we will make use of the regular Viazul bus and/or minivan taxi transfers here and there.

  4. By motorbike over Cuba with Harley Davidsons. You can travel with a group and English speaking guide with technical support team in a 10 day program through West & Central Cuba with Harley Davidsons. Program is 10 days, max inscriptions are 9 pax, min inscription is 1 person. Contact us for more information. 

  5. We also offer Sail Diving programs in Cuba to the Canarreos islands & Cayo Largo with Sail Tomorrow on a beautiful yacht liveaboard with professional crew departing from Cienfuegos. Programs with diving are 7 days, for guided sailing without diving can be 4-7 days.

  6. Resuming travel options on Cuba are: 1) selfdrive with rental car, 2) travel by bus Viazul / Transtur with use of local taxis where necessary, 3) all transfers by private taxi transfers (for larger travelparties up to 7 persons these are with minivan taxis); it is possible to have a guide traveling with you all the time in this way but this is not necessary as local guides can be arranged waiting for you at all the locations of the excursions, this depends on your preferences; some larger trajects can be done by regular bus if requested for saving costs; further on some trajects we can arrange taxi transfers or day excursions with American Vintage cars, 4a) rent your own car and have a private guide as guide - driver, or 4b) rent your own car, drive yourself but you are accompanied by a guide. All guides who accompany you on a travel are official licensed guides. When you travel with a guide or guide-driver all costs for meals, drinks and accommodation of the guide are included in the quotation, only tips come extra, 6) Travel at Cuban adventure with Spanish speaking driver in Vintage car,

  7. Travel by bicycle and use regular bus or minivan taxi transfers here and there, 8) Travel in a group by motorbike with Harley Davidsons over Cuba, 9) Sali with or without diving included along the Cuban southcoast.

For all questions about selfdrive, road conditions, details insurance, safety on the roads, distribution petrol stations, road indications, road navigation, driving distances, petrol costs and route descriptions: Contact Us.

For digitalized maps of Cuba, the best free Navigation app for Cuba and free maps to download (Android via Google Play & Applestore), route descriptions from West to East Cuba with maps, and GPS data for your smartphone, feel free to Contact us and we can send you the information you need after booking.Best Services for Cuba Selfdrive, Tailormade Cuba holidays, Travel by Minivan for groups