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Brazil tailor made holidays

Brazil tailor made holidays



These programs, modules and all tailor made itineries are offered by an excellent specialist in tailor made travels in Latin America. As a team with all involved operators and local organizations we take care that all excursions are according to the rules of conservation of Brazil’s fauna and flora. When we visit National Parks or reserves a part of the income contributes directly to preserve wildlife and flora and gives income to local guides and families. All local guides on your excursions are well trained to take care of you and the natural surroundings, besides giving you all information you are looking for. When staying in nature we use eco-friendly hacienda’s and local families that respect nature. Group trips will be guided by a Latin American expert on nature, ecotourism and culture with certification for Tourleaders on European level, with a University degree and post University training in Management.


All suppliers are small and local Brasilean owners, meaning that the income remains within the country and creates a real economic contribution to its people and country that has started to make improvements in infrastructure and social reforms. We treat our suppliers fairly and with respect, they are an important key to a great holiday which is our success when we succeed. Working together with our Brasilean partner is an ongoing relationship and our shared affection for this marvellous country benefits everyone involved. When local tribes are visited this all done with the highest respect for local traditions and the people in such way that all parties involved have a learning and inspirational experience. In this itinery we can include visits to favelas and social projects in Rio de Janeiro. If you are more interested this can be extended of course with more possibilities. Traveling through Brazil will be an enriching experience and it won’t stay with only one travel in South America for sure !

One of the extra reasons to visit Brazil is that it is an excellent destination for eco-tourism, of which the Amazon, Pantanal and all the National Parks are of particular interest. Sustainable tourism is in strong development with energy saving, waste recycling, agricultural and local education initiatives.

Brazil can be the start or end of a tailor made trip along the greatest attractions in Latin America. You can combine Machu Picchu and the Uyunyi saltflats with a visit to Rio de Janeiro. A trip may include the Galapagos islands or Easter Island in Chile. You can go hiking or skiing in Patagonia and combine this with a beach holiday at Rio, Paraty and Ilha Grande.

Explore Brasil on your own, with your family or in a guided grouptravel on this tailor made day itineries. Feel free to contact us to customize this or any itinery to your travel wishes.How this holiday makes a difference