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Responsible Travel III

Responsible Travel III


Latinamerica Journeys offers travels in nature and culture according to general standards of respect for Life & Responsible Tourism.

This means that during our travel, the Tourleader of Latinamerica Journeys will provide you with suggestions & guidelines on the following subjects:

  1. how we can create a mutual benefit out of the meeting of cultures, and minimize negative impacts on local cultures /
  2. how we can support & inspire local communities in developing fairtrade, offering locally produced goods & services with taking care of the natural resources /
  3. how we can maintain the well being of nature and minimize the damage to the environment, wildlife and marine ecosystems /
  4. how we may co-create a better world; with fairtrade, with employment, education & healthcare available for all of us /

Latinamerica Journeys makes use of local guides for excursions and trekkings, and takes care of a healthy income for the local people who offer their services directly to Latinamerica Journeys. See also:Fair Travel with Tourleader (TC)

Latinamerica Journeys communicates her travel guidelines to all involved parties responsible for organizing an excursion, a trekking or another aspect of the Latinamerica Journeys. In case we feel that a certain aspect of the Travel Guidelines is not respected, we will stimulate the organization or the local person(s) involved to an improvement and accomplish a better mutual understanding.

We will also provide information about destination visits to local environmental or social projects with direct environmental or social benefits, in case this information is available.

Latinamerica Journeys makes exclusively use of the internet and email to distribute information and communicate with clients to save trees & minimise wastage associated with glossy brochures and postal communications.

The Tourleader of Latinamerica Journeys has the right
1 / to adapt a group travel program during the travel if this is necessary for the Well Being and Safety of All Participants.
2 / to suspend the continuation of the group travel for a participant, if he or she is violating in words and/or actions the well being of the group, and personal coaching turns out not to be adequate to change a certain situation.

We hope however that this will never happen and that insight and respect will prevail.

**Above all, we like to welcome a client and say goodbye to a friend !**Travel Policy of Latinamerica Journeys Group Travels Travellers Guidelines for Responsible & Ecological Tourism