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Brasil roundtrip, tailor made individual / group

Brasil roundtrip, tailor made individual / group

We offer all possible tailor made travels through vibrant Brasil that can include Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Atlantic rainforest & beachholidays at colonial Paraty, Trindade & Ilha Grande, Iguazu waterfalls, the North or South Pantanal with many options of posadas - fazendas evt. combined with Bonito, the Amazon rainforest at the most interesting locations and lodges, Salvador de Bahia, walking in Chapada Diamantina to waterfalls and caves, Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park, visiting Chapada Guimaraes, Chapada Veadeiros, Serra dos Órgãos or Serra do Bocaina. Also feel free to contacts us for a carnaval & beach holiday in Rio de Janeiro, or at the second best carnaval of South America at Barranquilla at the Caribbean coast of Colombia.You can in one travel ski in the high Andes of Argentina at luxury ski resorts, dance tango in Buenos Aires and enjoy a tropical beachstay in the end at boutique Paraty, the beaches of Ilha Grande & Trindade with the samba rhyms and bossa nova of Rio de Janeiro.


Day 1: Arrival at Salvador da Bahia, reception airport and transfer in to hotel / Pousada do Boqueirão in the old colonial center.

Day 2: Private guided tour through colonial center. Salvador is a city full of history. It is the most African city outside Africa, with strong African influences in the kitchen, music and religion. The old town (called Pelourinho) looks very Portuguese, and even the comparison with Lisbon can be made.

Day 3: By bus from Salvador to the small village Lencois in the National Park Chapada Diamantina which offers great scenery, waterfalls, caves and is a hotspot for ecotourism. This area played a key role in Brazil’s diamond boom history. You stay at Pousada Corona de Pedra. Upgrade can be Pousada Canto das Aguas.

Day 4: You will have a private guided tour through this astonishing reserve and visit several highlights according to your wishes. You can take a swim under the waterfall Poco do Diabo, visit the Lapa Doce cave and enjoy the 360 degree views over the ravine of the Morro do Pai Inácio mountain. And you can cool off in the Gruta Azul cave where the sunlight sparkles on the clear blue waters.

Day 5: Free day on your own to enjoy Lençois and/or visit more highlights in the reserve as Fumaça Waterfall & Sossego falls. Is optional to have another full guided daytour, and of course you can always stay more days to explore this impressive National Park. There is a trekking possible of 3-4 days through the Chapada Diamantina via Vale do Capão.

Day 6: By bus return to Salvador da Bahia, same hotel in colonial center. Optional: from here you can have a 10 day extension to the Northeast of Brazil, a region with a rich history, beautiful nature and wonderful beaches. On this trip you will visit Sao Luis, Unesco World heritage. the Lencois Maranhenses inmense sand dunes, many small islands overgrown with jungle and have few days in Jericoacoara, one of Brazil’s best beach towns.

Day 7: Flight to Manaus in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. Manaus is known for its beautiful opera theater, historical sites, parks with native forest preservation areas, and its markets along the harbour. You stay at Hotel Chez le Rois.

Day 8: The Amazon journey starts with a visit to the meeting of the Rio Negro and Rio Solimões rivers which form the Amazon river. After about 3 hours you arrive at the Tupana Jungle Lodge. The lodge is located deep in the jungle in the Biological Reserve of the Tupana River. In the evening you will have your first exploration of wildlife by boat.

Day 9 -10: These two days in the jungle you will have several activities like exploring the jungle, piraña fishing and spotting the pink river dolphins! Note that you can stay more days, or opt for staying eg at the Uacari floating lodge, a top location in the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve.

Day 11: You travel back to Manuas and fly to Campo Grande, overnight here at airport hotel.

Day 12: You will be taken in the morning by our local driver to Bonito. A journey through the countryside of Mato Grosso do Sul through sugar cane fields, haciendas with cowboys and large herds of cattle. Bonito is pure nature and untouched. It is the center of ecotourism in Brazil. Here you’ll find hundreds of waterfalls, lakes and streams with crystal clear water, more than 80 caves and many species of fish and other animals.

Day 13: Excursion to one of the crystal clear rivers. The tour starts with a walk through dense vegetation to the source of the river. With wetsuit and dive mask you jump into the clear water. Once underwater, you will enter in another world of colors with schools of fish. You let yourself drift quietly with the flow through the winding river. Above you the sounds of birds and the tropical jungle with vines that hang down into the water.

Day 14: You travel from Bonito to the Pantanal where you will see cowboys with herds of cattle and may already spot birds and wildlife. You stay in the nice pousada Santa Clara in the middle of nature. The area of the pousada is an ecological paradise, including caimans sunbathing on the banks of the river, capybaras bathing in the water with parrots and toucans in the trees.

Day 15-16: The Pantanal is a huge flat wetland area that is as large as France. During the rainy season (October - March), the rivers burst out of their banks and cause a massive swampy landscape (Pantano = swamp), where the slightly elevated pieces stay as islands. In the dry season the water pulls back and numerous lakes and mud puddles remain where the wildlife is concentrated. This annual seasons have created a unique ecosystem. The landscape consists of alternating grassland and forest with a very diverse animal life. It has the highest concentration of wildlife in all of America ! Some of the birds you might see are ibises, parrots, herons, cormorants, kingfishers, jabirus (giant storks), spoonbills, hyacinth & red macaw, hawks and kites. Besides the many alligators & capybaras (the largest rodent in the world), you may see anteaters, otters and howling monkeys. With some luck you will see wild pigs, deer, armadillos, tapirs, crab-eating fox, anacondas and maybe a jaguar or other wild cats ! You can add more days at other pousadas as boutique Pousada Xaraes or have a night safari at a basic pousada with a chance of 90% seeing jaguars or other felines as ocelot & margay hunting in open rice fields in only one night safari.

Day 17: Travel from the Pantanal to Campo Grande and fly to Iguazu waterfalls, hotel Rafain Centro. Any upgrade is possible, the best nature experience of the rainforest within the National Park is at hotel Das Cataratas. Alternative: travel from Campo Grande to Cuiaba and visit the Amazon rainforest from this side and stay at Cristalino Jungle Lodge.

Day 18-19: With a private English speaking guide you will visit both the Brazilian and Argentinean side of the falls. The Rio Iguaçu falls through a chain of 275 waterfalls in a 80 meter deep canyon. Optional is going by rubber whitewater boat into the Devil’s Throat , to explore along a trail into the Brasilean rainforest and observe bird and wildlife on foot, with motorboat and canoe, and/or fly by helicopter for the best overview over the falls.

Day 20: Flight from Foz do Iguaçu to Rio de Janeiro, depending on flight schedule, free midday at beach Ipanema and Copacabana, You stay at Hotel Majestic Rio in Copacabana, any upgrade or hotel of your preference is possible as Windsor Atlantica, Fasano in Ipanema, Santa Theresa Relais, Windsor Miramar.

Day 21: Free day Rio de Janeiro. Optional private or group guided tour. Visit the Sugarloaf Mountain (Pão de Açucar) and Corcovado. From the top you have a beautiful view over the ocean, the city, the bay of Guanabara and the beaches of Flamengo and Copacabana. The view and locations are phenomenal. In the evening you can visit a samba school in a private or grouptour. You have famous samba schools as Mangueira, Unidos da Tijuca, Beija Flor. With a private guide you can make your own Rio program, visit the samba school of your choice together with their recomendations. You also can select a social project together with us for a visit and to which you would like to contribute.

Day 22: Free day Rio de Janeiro. Optional private or group guided tours. You can drink tea in the beautiful cafe “Confeitaria Colombo”. Visit the botanical garden “Jardim Botanico”. Relax on the famous beaches, have a workshop-wave surfing, play beach volley. For the daring: the best hang glider flight in the world is in the south of Rio from the Pedra da Gávea to São Conrado Beach. Visit a favela and/or social project. In the evening visit another samba school and dance on the fascinating batucada rhythms.

Day 23: Flight home in evening. Optionals: have an extension to the colonial beauty of Paraty. Paraty is surrounded by many parks and nature reserves, including Serra da Bocaina National Park, Serra do Mar State Park (of São Paulo). You can make boat trips and enjoy Atlantic beaches and rainforest at Trindade. Together with Paraty you can visit the National Park on the island of Ilha Grande with Atlantic rainforest and the best beaches of Brasil. Another extension can be from Rio de Janeiro to the National Park Itatiaia. Here, you will stay at Hotel do Ypê, a perfect base for butterfly and birdwatching in this fascinating area. You can have here a 2 day program with a local guide. You will be taken to the base of the mountain and climb Agulhas Negras crossing several ecosystems. Along with climbing the Agulhas Negras top, you will have another day of hiking and nature in the area planned.Rio de Janeiro, Atlantic beaches, Amazon Rainforest, Pantanal, Chapadas & Salvador de Bahia