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Colombia Highlights & Amazon in 12 days

Colombia Highlights & Amazon in 12 days

Colombia’s highlights and the amazon in 12 days

Colombia is a breath-taking country, which is just being discovered by tourism and travelers. During this journey, you will experience the beauty of Colombian nature and culture. The itinerary takes you through different climates and landscapes ranging from the green highlands to the warm Car-ibbean coast. And everything is complemented by authentic encounters with hospitable Colombians. Beside the travel program you will always have the opportunity to take a relaxing break from everyday life in one of the cozy hotels.


  • Gold Museum in Bogotá - on the path of El Dorado

  • pink dolphins - unique in the Amazonas

  • Valle de Cocora - the tallest palm trees in a cloud forest

  • Medellin - the so-called city of eternal spring

  • Cartagena - Colonial architecture, pirates and the sea, UNESCO World Heritage Site


Day 1 Bogotá

Welcome to Bogotá! Your guide or driver will wait for you at the airport. It is recom-mended to change money directly at the airport. The most convenient is to withdraw money from the ATM. They are located after exiting the customs area in the arrival lobby. Your guide will be pleased to assist and look after your luggage. Subsequently you will drive to the hotel and can have some rest after your flight.

Day 2 Bogotá ( B )

In Zipaquirá, a small city located approx. 1 hour north from Bogotá you will visit the Salt Cathedral. Marvel at the imposing underground cathedral. It is a complete church built inside a former salt mine. Learn more about the religious significance of the place and the importance of the salt for the region and its history.

During the walking tour of Bogotá, you will enjoy the contrast of the modern and his-torical part of the city. You will see the most important buildings from the colonial era in La Candelaria, the old town of Bogotá, as well as the government district around Pla-za Bolívar with its Cathedral, Palace of Justice, Parliament and Town Hall. Visit Bogotá’s famous museum of the artist Fernando Botero, with its outstanding collection of con-temporaneous art. Experience how the unique emeralds were traded. The Gold Muse-um is a highlight, with its unique collection of pre-Columbian gold jewelry. If the weather is nice you will drive to Monserrate where you have a spectacular view of the big city.

Day 3 Bogotá - Leticia ( B / D )

Transfer from your hotel in Bogotá to the airport on time for your flight.

Transfer from the airport to your hotel in Leticia.

The tour starts from the airport Leticia to the river. With the boat, you go to the Yoi-Ecolodge, a beautiful lodge inside the Amazon region. Explore more about the flora and fauna and observe the different animals of the Amazon in their usual surround-ings. A local guide accompanies you through the setting of the lodge and shows you the local nature and animals. Furthermore, you will do night walk and experience the Amazon from another perspective.

Bogotá - Leticia (Duration of the flight 2h)

Day 4 Leticia ( B / L / D )

Today you will travel by boat through the Amazonas river. On your way, you will have the chance to visit two indigenous communities and to learn about their heritage and traditions. A tour on the Tarapoto Lake will give you the chance to try traditional fish-ing. Back on route, you may glance some of the famous pink dolphins.

Day 5 Leticia ( B / L / D )

Arrange with you guide what kind of activity you want to do today. Go for an easy hike and gaze at the Ceiba, a big tree in the Amazon region or get to know more about the Ticuna tribe. The tribal elder will greet you and tell you about their traditions and tales.

Day 6 Leticia - Salento ( B )

You go back to Leticia by boat to get your flight to Bogotá.

Transfer from the airport to your hotel in Armenia.

Armenia - Salento (Private car/van, Distance 30.0 km, Duration 45min )

Leticia - Bogotá (Duration of the flight 2h)

Bogotá - Armenia (Duration of the flight 1h)

Day 7 Salento ( B )

You will visit the Cocora valley, located at an altitude between 2000 and 2400m (6.500 and 7.900ft) this cloud forest is part of the Los Nevados National Natural Park and the principal location of the national tree and symbol of Colombia, the Quindío wax palm. The journey is meant to be walking for about 60min but if you want to travel a longer distance your guide will arrange horses to discover the valley! On your way back from the mountains, you will have lunch in the restaurant that overlooks the valley so you can enjoy the view while eating.

You will visit the charming town of Salento. The town is easy to discover, walk through the Calle Real street until you reach the stairs (250 steps*) that will take you to el mira-dor (look-out point) Alto de la Cruz. From the view point, there are extensive views of the Cocora valley and many of the mountains of the Los Nevados National Natural Park.

Day 8 Salento - Medellín ( B )

Transfer to the airport in Armenia on time for your flight.

The driver will pick you up at the International Airport and drive you to your hotel in Medellin.

Salento - Armenia (Private car/van, Distance 30.0 km, Duration 50min )

Day 9 Medellín - Cartagena ( B )

The guided tour of Medellín starts at Pueblito Paisa, from where you can enjoy a won-derful view, over the city. The next destination is the historic center of Medellín. At the Parque Berrio you can listen to local musicians playing traditional Guasca music. Then visit the Plaza Botero, where you can see an exhibition of the Colombian artist Fernan-do Botero. The tour continues through the busy streets of the center of Medellín to the Parque Bolivar, one of the most beautiful places of the city. Immerse yourself in the exciting story of the transformation of Medellín, which was once one of the most dan-gerous cities in the world and has transformed into an exciting cultural place.

Transfer to the international airport of Medellín on time for your flight.

Meet and greet with the driver at the airport and transfer to your hotel in the center of Cartagena.

Medellín - Cartagena (Duration of the flight 50min )

Day 10 Cartagena ( B )

To get to know the city better you start with a visit to the hill of La Popa. At this highest point of Cartagena, Augustinian monks built a monastery in the 16th century. From here, you have a perfect view of the bay of Cartagena and the most important colonial port city of the Spaniards South America. Then visit the Fort San Felipe, which was built by the Spaniards to protect the rich city of Cartagena against attacks from the mainland. Cartagena was the place, where the looted treasures of the Incas by the Spaniards and the gold and silver treasures from the mines of Peru and Bolivia were stored for shipping to Spain. Thus, the city was repeatedly the object of desire of many pirates. In the labyrinthine corridors of the fortress, you feel transferred back to the pi-rate’s time. From the fortress, you walk through the colonial Old Town. If desired, you can stop for a cold fruit juice drink. During a walk through the well-preserved old town, visit the important historic buildings and churches. Get an overview of the city and try to orient yourself to be able to walk through the city on your own in the after-noon, go souvenir shopping at the city wall and admire the sunset from the Café del Mar on the city walls.

Day 11 Cartagena ( B )

Enjoy this day in Cartagena at your free disposal. Explore the old town or spend the day at the beach.

Day 12 Cartagena ( B )

Transfer to the airport in Cartagena on time for your flight home.Tailormade with normal boutique to top luxury hotels