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Deep Journey into the Andes tailormade

Deep Journey into the Andes tailormade

Individual tailor made tours with private or group transfers. Sample itinery of 14 days from San Pedro de Atacama to La Paz including Bolivian Amazon rainforest & Titicaca lake.

Day 01
Transfer-In Calama Airport – San Pedro de Atacama
• Valle De La Luna
• Departure: 16 hrs from San Pedro. Return: 20.30 hrs.
On this tour we visit the wonderful Cordillera de la Sal wonderful, the viewpoint of Cari Canyon, and the most attractive places in the Valle de la Luna, where we await the sunset.
• Hotel Dunas, Explora, Katarpe etc, hotel according to your choice

Day 02
• Private Excursion Geisers del Tatio and Puritama Thermal Baths (Breakfast)
• Departure: 04.00 hrs., From your hotel Return: 12 hrs. Approx. From San Pedro we travel directly to the geothermal point, located on the 4,300 m.a.s.l. At the site visit the field of geysers, fumaroles and where you will see water sources, also visit the thermal baths, while enjoying breakfast with the views of the geysers. Back to San Pedro we visit the village of Machuca, where you can taste the local cuisine. At end we visit and enjoy the thermal baths at Puritama.
• Hotel Dunas

Day 03
Lagunas Altiplanicas and Salar de Atacama (Breakfast)
• Departure: 07 hrs., From the hotel Return: 15 hrs.
In this tour we will visit the Laguna Chaxa, located in the Salar de Atacama, where you can find flamingos and other birds in a landscape where you can see the salt crust up to 70 cm. height. Miñiques and Miscanti lagoons are a magnificent setting, these lagoons, located at 4,200 meters, are surrounded by hills and volcanoes that make them a wonderful landscape. Also visit the villages of Socaire, located approximately in the 3,600 meters, and Toconao, thanks to their freshwater environment allows a unique vegetation. Includes: Breakfast
• Hotel Dunas

Day 04
• Day 01 Excursion San Pedro de Atacama – Uyuni
San Pedro de Atacama – Ojo de Perdiz (Box Lunch, Dinner)
Transfer from San Pedro de Atacama Hito Cajon and start the journey to Ojo de Perdiz, visiting Laguna Verde, the desert of Dali, the Polques Hot Springs, the Geysers, Laguna Colorada, the Arbol de Piedra in the Siloli Desert. Box lunch on route. Dinner in the Desert Hotel Ojo de Perdiz

Day 05
• Day 02 Excursion San Pedro de Atacama – Uyuni
Ojo de Perdiz – Tahua (Breakfast, Box Lunch, Dinner)
Breakfast at the hotel and start the journey to Tahua, visitagainacrossthe salar, visit to the desert of Siloli, small lagoons: Cañapa, Honda, Chiarkhota, Ramaditas, the Mirador de Ollague, the cave of theGalaxies, the cave of the devil. Box lunch on route. Fixed menú, dinner and overnight at the Hotel de Sal in Tahua.

Day 06
• Day 03 Excursion San Pedro de Atacama – Uyuni
Tahua – Salar de Uyuni - Uyuni (Breakfast, Lunch) Breakfast at the hotel and start the journey to Uyuni, visit around the Thunupa volcano, Isla Pescado. Lunch at a restaurant. In the afternoon we continue to Uyuni, on the route we visit the montones de sal, the handcrafts of salt, Ojos de Agua. Arrival to Uyuni and transfer to your hotel.
• Hotel Luna Salada (SALT HOTEL)

Day 07
• Transfer-Out Hotel Luna Salada – Airport
DOMESTIC Flight Uyuni – La Paz
• Transfer-In Airport – Hotel
• City Tour
• Pick up from your hotel for a 03 hours tours approximately, visiting the city, observing: the Moon Valley, the residential neighborhoods, the district of Miraflores, the replica of the Semi-subterraneous Temple of Tiwanaku, the Killi Killi viewpoint, the Plaza Murillo (Government Palace, Congress and the Cathedral), the Jaen street, the Gold Museum, the area of the Black Markets and the Witches Market. Ending the tour at your hotel.
• Hotel Naira, in the middle of colonial center La Paz

Day 08
• Private Excursion Tiwanaku
• Pick up from your hotel for a tour of approximately 05 hours tovisit the ruins of Tiwanaku. On the way visit the Apacheta of Lloqo Lloqo from which we’ll see another side of the Bolivian highlands, arriving at the ruins after 01 hour and a half. Visit to the Museum of Tiwanaku. Then we start the tour of the archaeological site to see the sacred religious precints, stone carved monoliths and the famous Puerta del Sol. Return to La Paz.
• Hotel Naira

Day 09
• Transfer-Out Hotel - Airport
• Flight La Paz - Rurrenabaque
• Day 01 San Miguel del Bala, or Chalalan (Lunch, Dinner, Soft Drinks)

• In your first day of your three-day adventure your guide will take you back in time as he leads you through the rainforest and shows you the ancient trapping methods of the Tacana. Learn how the Tacana outfoxed their prey with unique and interesting traps that helped them catch dinner. Your guide will show you how each trap works, as well as the medicinal plants the hunters would collect as they checked their traps. After returning to the lodge you can go wash up and sit down to a delicious lunch (vegetarian options included with advance notice), which includes all locally grown ingredients. Go rest in a hammock after lunch and enjoy the tranquillity of the river and sounds of the jungle. After you are recharged your guide will take you to visit the community of San Miguel, a Tacana village, to experience how tourism and your money has helped the San Migueleños improve their day-to-day lives. Take a stroll through the village as your guide explains how the community is organized. Visit the school, your guide’s home, learn how to weave, make a thatched roof, squeeze sugar cane yourself and enjoy a sweet and refreshing drink (best served with some lemon). Your visit to the community of San Miguel will give you a look at how the Tacana villagers live day-to-day as well as let you see the great things your money is doing as a client of the community owned lodge! Enjoy your dinner and relax the rest of the evening in your cabin or in the hammock hut.

Rurrenabaque – Chalalán Ecolodge
The guide will pick you up to take you to the river Beni to take the boat to Chalalán. The boat trip is an opportunity to appreciate the Bala Canyon on the Rio Beni to Madidi, then enter the river Tuichi observing wildlife and spectacular scenery of the Bolivian Amazon. Box lunch or tapeque halfway. Arrival at Chalalán. After lunch we have the ability to swim in the lake or relax in hammocks or chairs of your cabin or room. Short walk along the path where the guide will do an explanation of the construction plants, woodtools, palm trees and the traditional and sustainable use of resources. Dinner in the dining room of the hostel. Activity: Observing amphibians, reptiles, insects, spiders, rodents, birds and nocturnal monkeys. Ideal for listening to the sounds of the jungle. All meals included.

Day 10
• Day 02 San Miguel del Bala, or Chalalan (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Soft Drinks)
• Your day starts with tropical bird songs and a nice breakfast by the river. Once you are done your guide will sit with you and explain the day’s activities. Today you have the option of staying in San Miguel for the morning to enjoy some of the other activities offered in the area (canyon, natural pools/waterfall, or medicinal plant walk). If you want to spend more time inside Madidi National Park you can choose to leave early after breakfast to go up to the cabins inside the national park. The trip to San Miguel’s cabins inside Madidi National Park is a wonderful 1 ½-hour boat right up the Beni and then into Madidi National Park by way of the Tuichi river, a smaller, more intimate body of water that allows for more animal and bird sightings. Once you have arrived at the cabins in Madidi and are settled into your rooms, your guide will open your eyes to the magic of Madidi, one of the most biodiverse protected areas in the world. There are 7 trails leading away from the cabins of varying levels and distances. Your guide will consult the group and determine how long and what level of treks the group wants to do. Take walks by day and night to see how the forest changes with the setting of the sun. Enjoy the same quality meals you had in San Miguel during your stay in Madidi. Relax and enjoy being in the middle of the amazing Madidi National Park in between your adventures into the park.

Chalalán Ecolodge – Parque Nacional Madidi
The schedule can be adjusted in coordination with the guide according to your interests. (Eg birdwatching, breakfast at 5:30 am). During the morning walk along the path Tapacare, where you can observe and learn about the forest and wildlife. Optional Subjects: natural interpretation of the forest, animal behavior and observation of birds and mammals. Cultural and historical themes. Return to the lodge for lunch. After lunch time to rest or swim in the lake (optional). During the short afternoon walk by the system of thematic trails where visitors can learn about medicinal plants and discuss the themes or activities of interest in the forest. Dinner of catfish wrapped in leaves o rfish tacuara in bamboo from the Bolivian Amazon. * The traditional dinner is subject to the availability of fish. Brief night time activity at the lake or along the path Paraba. All meals included.

Day 11
• Day 03 San Miguel del Bala, or Chalalan (Breakfast, Soft Drinks)
• Your final morning in Madidi National Park starts off with a breakfast that will get you ready for your morning activities and the journey back. On your last day you will receive lunch as well as you return to your cabin and pack everything up. On your way back to Rurrenabaque you will stop off to observe the magnificent macaws that make their nests in the cliffs along the TuichiRiver. You will get back to Rurrenabaque.

• Chalalán Ecolodge – Rurrenabaque
We walk the Path Jaguar or may be adjusted according to the interests of our visitors in coordination with the guide. Return trip to Rurrenabaque, takes only 3 hours. Arrival in Rurrenabaque and transfer to the airport.
• Flight Rurrenabaque – La Paz
• Transfer-In Airport – Hotel
• Hostal Naira

Day 12
• Private tour Copacabana + Isla del Sol 02 days/01 night (Lunch, Dinner)
• We pick you up in the morning from your hotel and departure by private transport for a 02 days tour with destination to Copacabana and Sun island. We continue our journey towards the Tiquina Strait and then to Copacabana. Lunch. We embarked on a private boat towards the island of the Sun. Later we visited Pilcokaina, a former pre-Inca palace ruins. Then we walk to the Inca stairways. Return to Copacabana in private boat. Dinner and overnight in a hotel of your choice.
• Hotel Las Olas

Day 13
• Private tour Copacabana + Isla del Sol 02 days/01 night (Breakfast, Lunch)
• After breakfast, we visit the sanctuary of the Virgin of Copacabana and ascend to the Cerro Calvario, an ancient pre-Hispanic pilgrimage place and we will visit the surroundings of the village. Lunch. Return to La Paz. Transfer to your hotel.
• Bus Copacabana – Puno (in the afternoon).
• Hostal Naira

Day 14
• Transfer –Out Hotel – AirportFrom San Pedro de Atacama to La Paz, or the other way around…