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Responsible Travel II

Responsible Travel II

The group travels of Latinamerica Journeys are created by very experienced Tourleaders, in cooperation with local guides and/or local agencies.

The Tourleader who accompanies you on your Latinamerica Journey, creates in this way his or her own income & living, according to what he or she considers a fair income for all services and responsabilities involved.

This is our vision of a responsible & ethical form of working for Tourleaders (TC).

Many International Touroperators make use of the desire of young people to travel, and offer a salary for carrying out the management of a travel that is far below the standards for sustaining a normal living in the Western World. Besides that, the salaries & secundary employment conditions do not correspond with the degree of responsabilities & management capacities that is being asked for. Net salaries as 50 Euros a day, or even less, with responsabilities for 24 hrs a day are very common. From this, TC courses have to be paid, all TC equipment has to be purchased, food & drinks on the travel have to be paid, and even sometimes other costs. And a good holiday with the partner, family or pension build up funding is not in the picture, as there is nothing to save.

You can be lucky of course and meet very talented & enthusiastic guides, despite their working conditions, but one of the results can also be that you have to be part of a group with group conflicts, small or larger accidents, and/or logistical & accommodation problems, as the guide involved is not qualified for the job. No one is looking for that, but the fact is, that it does happen, and you surely will not enjoy your travel as you would have liked.

Besides that, is it ethical of companies to promote themselves as being Responsible Travel Agents for taking care of nature, wildlife and indigenous tribes, as long as they do not even take care of their own staff and Tourguides ?

You can request for the contracts & secondary working conditions to International operators under which Tourleaders have to work, when it interests you, and you will realize that despite Awards for the Best Entrepreneur or the Best Responsible Operator of the year the human & ethical part of the companies in Tourism are not being looked at in this business so far. We would like to see that changed, but finally it is the traveler, the consumer who decides to pay just a little bit more for a fair travel with a professional. It is all about sharing.

The Tourleaders who accompany you on a Latinamerica Journey are professionals, with a lot of experience, who love their work, and who add something special to your travel with their talents & knowledge. They turn your travel into a more than ordinary journey with a golden edge.

And you will enjoy your holiday much more if you know that your investment also supports the well being of the One, who is taking care all the time of you for 24 hrs a day: your Tourleader.

When you book a Tailor made Grouptravel with Latinamerica Journeys you are certain that your Tourleader is a professional and creates an income that is healthy & responsible.

Your Tourleader is of great importance for the success or failure of your holiday !

The Latinamerica Journeys Tourleaders are Embassadors for Taking Care of our Planet. They supervise & instruct local guides & organizations to take care and respect Life. We as company also encourage outstanding local guides to start their own businesses as we once did.

With Latinamerica Journeys Group Travels you choose for a Responsible Tourism with a Soul & Heart.