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Special Travel Andes

We like to share a way of travelling that is intense, inspirational, with a playful touch leading to a feeling of being reborn.

Special Travel Andes

Together with Latinamerica Journeys, you can create the time of your life!

We like to share a way of travelling that is intense, inspirational, with a playful touch leading to a feeling of being reborn.

What is more beautiful than to travel, leave everything behind you for a while and deepen your experiences…

To step out of the routines of the mind & busy life and to really connect from your playfulness & joy, to feel Life from within. To feel the warmth of the sun, the sounds of the sea, to enjoy the simple things and the sensuality of just being.

That is why we like to offer to create special moments of going inward, of play and sharing.

Can you imagine to do yoga on magnifent spots in nature, to sit in silence for a while on the edge of a canyon surrounded by snowwhite topped mountain peaks, climb a mountain on high altitude and connect ? To share sunset & being with lovely people on a beach in the Caribbean ?

We like to share this with you and bring all of us to a deeper sense of being and joy.

Breathing deeply, visualization and meditation are the most powerful tools we have. And if we use them in a playful, wise and sincere way, it can help us to restore the harmony within and to open to the heart, inner intelligence and wisdom.

The guides & teachers that accompany you have been educated for many years in schools of yoga & healing arts, and they still are.

In meditation we re-connect with our Essence. This connection extends into our daily lives, and can result in an improved health, more fulfilling relationships, enthusiasm for life and increased creativity!

And at last but not at least, your guides can share their knowledge of the energy fields, lightbeings, stones, plants and animals of Mother Earth. Your guides are experts in nature and can turn a hand full of pebbles or the smell of a leaf into a beautiful entertaining story about the secrets and healing powers of our Planet in this magical Universe.

If you would like to know more about these Latinamerica Journeys, and the personal websites of the teachers, feel free to Contact us.

We can design the Art of Being travels for South Peru, NW Argentina, Cordillera de la Plata at Mendoza, Atacama desert, Colombia Caribbean & Andes, Brazilian Atlantic rainforest and beaches.Tailormade tours and retreats with Yoga, Coaching, Meditation and Healing arts